Master Grading Draft

Master Grading

WORLD’S FIRST MASTER GRADING SET for Diamonds, using the latest and highly advanced NANO TECHNOLOGY, D to M color, Standard International grading scale. Necessity for all Retail Shops, Diamond Delaers, Wholesalers, Brokers and Students. Life long color guaranty for exchange only. Please make sure to refer with the number on the back of the box.

All 10 stones are in 5 different sizes, 2 stones of the same size are 6 colors apart and are very easy to identify. No need of any eye glass or weighing machine. Measurement scale included. Comes in a compact easy to handle box with clear instruction, good enough to be used even by a new student.

US$ 389 per set.

Further discount for the order of .. 10 sets 5%. 50 sets 15%

Special discount for the order of 100 and 500 sets.

All price are FOB Japan, Soliciting City or Country wide dealer and distributors all over the world.

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