Lab Grown Diamonds

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Lab Grown

  • Physically, optically and chemically an identical make-up to their natural gemstone equivalent
  • True ethical gems which are guaranteed to be conflict-free
  • Designed beautifully and are available at unbeatable value
  • All Lab Grown Diamonds are type IIa, chemically the purest form of a diamond. Only 1% of the mined diamonds come under this classification


Lab Grown diamonds are the extremely rare Type-IIa diamonds. Available mostly in VS and VVS qualities with mostly better colour grades all the way up to D – H color range.

At present, we are marketing mostly above 1.00 ct.+ Sizes.

Composition Lab Grown Diamonds Mined Diamonds
Specific Gravity 3.52 3.52
Refractive Index 2.54 2.54
Hardness 10 10
Dispersion 0.044 0.044