A Superlative Diamond alternative…..For those who want the PERFECT DIAMOND but don’t want to spend too much money or want to buy ethical gems which are guaranteed to be conflict free.

Nano Diamond coating is used to create DIAMONDLITE the world’s only true look alike of the top quality gem Diamond. It is virtually impossible to visually distinguish.

DIAMONDLITE from a fine quality natural diamond. The amazing look of DIAMONDLITE is because of the Nano Diamond coating that that makes the optical properties closest to the Natural Diamond.

DIAMONDLITE is created by coating of Nano diamond particles of size 40nm to 60 nm uniformly on the surfaces of the C.Z.

Images demonstrate the existence of the Nano diamond particles on the DIAMONDLITE in a series of high-resolution scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the DIAMONLITE facets as well as high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HR-TEM) and spectral analysis of the coating using energy dispersive spectroscopy (STEM/EDS).

It can be seen from the micrograph captured at magnification over 100,000X, the treated gem is uniformly covered with a high density of the diamond crystallites that become clearly visible only under tremendous magnification.

Using the latest Japanese Nanotechnology, the Diamond is coated on the surface of c.z. Because of this advanced Japanese Nanotechnology, we can produce DIAMONDLITE in all   Diamond colors grades. D, E, F, G, H, I, J etc. Various tones of Yellows from V. Light Yellow to Canary Yellow are also available.

  1. DIAMONDLITE is cut and polished to the highest standards of Diamond quality to the maximum brilliance.
  2. DIAMONLITE comes in the Diamond colour grade of D ~ M, F. Yellow, F.Int.Yellow, F.Viv.Yellow, Very Light Fancy Pink.
  3. All round DIAMONDLITE is cut to “Heart and Arrow” specification.
  4. DIAMONDLITE comes in Round, Princess, Heart, Oval, Triangle, Marquise, Emerald, Cut, Radiant, Cushion and Asher shapes.
  5. DIAMONDLITE comes in VS – VVS quality only.
  6. DIAMONDLITE is 1.7 times heavier then Diamond.

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